Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Open Day: Getting to know SAIS Europe up close and personal

SAIS Europe will open its doors to prospective students on December 6. 

Our annual Open Day is tailored for those who want to learn more about academics at SAIS, career services, student life and finances.

Why should prospective applicants come to Bologna to attend the event? And what can they learn that they may not from afar?

Q&A with the Student Government Association
at last year's Open Day
Alumnus Byron Sacharidis (BC11/DC12) previously described Open Day as a chance to “see SAIS for yourself”. It’s an opportunity to ask questions on anything relating to SAIS: from the details on courses and teaching to why Bologna was made home to SAIS Europe in 1955.

"Open Day helped me understand that the curriculum at SAIS was in line with what I wanted from a graduate program," said Elisa Malerbi, a current student from Italy.

Anna-Maria Achammer of Austria said: "Open Day allowed me to learn things about SAIS I would not have learned reading through the catalog, especially what it means to be part of the SAIS community.”

Careers are crucial: If you’re looking into a professional graduate school like SAIS, it is because you’re thinking about your future career prospects.

Meera Shankar, director of the Career Services office, said that at Open Day she will “provide an overview of what managing one’s professional development means in practice and an introduction to how students can think about applying the academic program at SAIS in a professional setting.”

Graduate school is an investment of time and money. Bart Drakulich, director of Administration and Finance, helps students understand how to make ends meet and how to make SAIS affordable.

“Students will gain a greater understanding of both the economics of an elite U.S. graduate experience as well as the opportunities available to help fund a degree at SAIS," Drakulich said.

"I try to be open and frank about the resources required to make SAIS attendance possible, but often I am surprised at how little potential applicants know about the financing instruments at their disposal. SAIS is an experience accessible to many, especially if they are smart, determined and a little enterprising,” he said.

If you’re interested in attending the Open Day, you can register here.

If you so desire, we’ll do our best to find you accommodation with a current student so you can both gain insight into the SAIS experience and save money. If you'd like to be hosted by a current student, please send an email to admissions@jhubc.it.

If you cannot make it to Open Day, know that there will be other opportunities to learn more about SAIS. We have an open-door policy, and you're welcome to come visit us.

Each month before the January 7, 2014 deadline for applications we’ll be holding online information sessions. The next one is scheduled for September 26 at 10 am Italian time (0800 GMT). Click here for a calendar of the sessions.

If you would like to participate in any of the sessions, please send an email to admissions@jhubc.it indicating which sessions interest you.

Speaking of deadlines: the online application is now open. For instructions and access to the application, click here.

In coming weeks Nelson and I will be travelling to different parts of Europe. We'll post a full schedule soon. In the meantime, we're always available to speak with interested students. You can reach us via email, Skype (jhubc.admissions) or telephone (+39 051 29 17 811).

Amina Abdiuahab

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