Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Early Admission Deadline is just around the Corner

As a friendly reminder, for those of you applying to early admission, our deadline is fast approaching: November 1 is just around the corner. Remember that for those of you planning to apply early, please be sure to submit your application, and all supporting documents, before this deadline.  Please note that many of your application questions can be answered by consulting our website here.

If applying early to SAIS Europe, for those of you who meet the minimum requirements, you will be invited to interview with us either via Skype or in person. We wish you the best of luck in the process. (Applicants who apply early are notified on December 30 of the status of their application.)

In addition, as a friendly reminder, the regular decision deadline is January 7, 2016. If you are still looking for additional information about our program, be sure to either attend an in person session or join a virtual session  by consulting our recruiting calendar  here.

Moreover, we are also inviting all prospects to spend a full day at SAIS Europe in Bologna on Monday, December 7 as part of our Open Day. SAIS Europe opens its doors to prospective students who are considering their post-graduate school options to offer them an opportunity to get to know the faculty, staff and students of the Center. Open Day is the best way to learn about SAIS Europe Master's programs and get a first-hand look at the campus before applying. Some current students have offered to host visitors who are traveling from out of town for the night. To learn more about Open Day and to register, please visit us here. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SAIS Europe Students Share their Experiences

Over the course of this year, SAIS Europe Admissions has asked students to share their experiences before they came to SAIS. In our first of this series, we profile Chantal Akinyemi  -- a first year dual national student (Nigerian/US) studying in the Master of Arts program, with a concentration in International Development.

Before coming to Bologna, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Indonesia. For the past two years, I taught English at a rural high school in the East Java province of Bojonegoro. I had graduated New York University with the plan of eventually going to medical school, but my experience during the Peace Corps made me realize that my goal of improving the lives of populations in the developing world would be more effective if I worked in International Development.

The broadening of my focus from health to include many global factors lent itself to a more complete picture of the situation on the ground and the causes and effects working in developing countries. I came to SAIS looking to better understand these relationships and hopefully learn how to affect change from within local communities.

After finishing my Peace Corps service this past June, I traveled South East Asian for a few weeks, spent another few week back in New York and finally arrived in Bologna at the beginning of August. It had been a lot of moving around along with big life changes, especially that of going from a very loosely structured life in Indonesia to a more structured and time sensitive lifestyle of being a student. For this reason, I was glad to have the month during pre-term to readjust and settle in. Having the pre-term community was especially helpful. It also gave me time to remind myself of normal social behavior (in Indonesia it is very normal to start off conversations by asking about someone’s relationship status and if they have any children yet) and get to know Bologna before it was bustling full of students.

 I really enjoyed pre-term. Yes, the microeconomics class was fast paced and intensive but working in groups to complete problem sets and group study sessions created a great learning environment through collaboration. There is such a wide range of experience and knowledge within the SAIS Europe community, so everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to learn.

I was going through a period of readjustment not only to western society, but also transitioning from playing the role of teacher for the past two years, back to student life. What better of a place to make this transition than in a city nicknamed la dotta, or the learned one. Bologna is a great place to make this transition from whatever project, job, life experience or schooling you were doing before to a new level and standard of academia.

I know the two years ahead of me will be challenging, but I have a feeling the hard work and dedication I plan to put into them will be worth it in the end. After all, it has only been a month and a half and I already feel the difference SAIS has made in my life.