Friday, March 13, 2015

Admission to SAIS: Words to Think About as Decisions Are Released Today

Friday, March 13 is an important moment for applicants to SAIS as acceptance letters will be emailed out later today.

For some of you, after months of preparation, interviewing and waiting, it will provide a joyous moment. For others, it may be a moment of disappointment.

I wanted to address both applicant pools for different reasons.

As many of you know, entrance into SAIS is quite competitive, as we can only accommodate a limited number of students each year. The applications we receive always exceed the number of places available. This year the competition was fierce for available spots. The Admissions Committee work is arduous  and challenging.

As every candidate managed by SAIS Europe is interviewed, your application becomes a personal
contact for our committee – we learn about your professional and academic paths, we hear your dreams and goals and we understand why entrance into SAIS is of utmost importance to you. Every candidate is unique and we feel privileged to meet you.

For this reason, I first speak to those who may have been denied a place in our program: this by no means is a reflection of your potential. Quite the contrary: we want to offer you these words: do not be discouraged, as applicants often reapply once they are able to strengthen their application and meet our requirements for admission. Use this time of reflection as a learning process. We remain a resource for you and will be available to address your concerns on how to improve your application for next year, should you reapply.

For those that have been accepted, the admissions committee was convinced by the strength of your application. You will join a class of peers  who will not only come to SAIS to learn from faculty, but to learn from each other. Our hope is that you use the knowledge acquired combined with your ambition to make the world you live in better for future generations. You are our future leaders. Be prepared to learn, to work hard, but most of all, to make lasting friendships that will change your life.
The real journey is about to begin.

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