Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly quiz

Many of you have applied to SAIS Bologna for the year starting in October. Next week we'll be sending out emails announcing the decisions of the Admissions Committee, which met this week.

A few comments from someone who is new to the process.

I have been very impressed with the quality of the pool of applicants. It has confirmed my decision to return to education after years as a journalist. The range of interests, talents and experience of the applicants; their academic and professional accomplishments; their commitment to lead meaningful lives on the global stage: the combined potential of the candidates is enormous and reason to feel good about our future.

I've also been impressed that most of the candidates have grasped what makes the Bologna Center experience unique: that students are exposed to points of view here and then, in Washington during the second year, to different perspectives. That combination sets SAIS apart and gives our graduates a leg up.

Increased interest in SAIS Bologna this year has made our admissions process more selective. As I wrote yesterday, some candidates will receive rejection emails. As we note in the letters, that is not a reflection on the potential of those candidates. We are grateful for their interest and wish them the very best in their continued education and eventual careers. If the past is any guide, some will apply again after an interlude working or studying, and present even stronger candidacies. We welcome such commitment.

Those who are admitted can feel proud. But some then have difficult decisions to take. This graduate program or another? How to pay for it? Which program suits my career aims? What are my career aims?

Perhaps we can help answer some of those questions.

We've already had lots of queries from U.S. candidates who have already been admitted. Many focus on financial aid, others on internships and jobs in Bologna. These are issues we will try to tackle next week.

Now, this week's puzzle.

Who is the man in this picture and how long has he been associated with SAIS?

Send in your answers by commenting on this post below or via email.

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

John Harper - professor of American foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

Dificult… help please?


f-alexander.raabe said...


This is John L. Haper, professor of American foreign policy at SAIS Bologna. Since he studied at SAIS, already as a student he was associated with SAIS.

Best regards,


Jerome said...

Dear Nelson,

I am pretty sure that the man in the picture is Prof. John Harper who got his PhD in European Studies from SAIS. His work focuses on American Foreign Policy.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

It seems to be John L. Harper, Professor of American Foreign Policy and European Studies at Bologna Center, got his Ph.D. in European Studies from SAIS

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention, he got his Ph.D. from SAIS in 1981

Nelson Graves said...

Yes, the picture is of John Harper, professor of American Foreign Policy, author of many books and a pillar of the Bologna Center community. He did, indeed, receive his Ph.D from SAIS. (Most SAIS students are master's candidates, with a few Ph.D students.) Several readers -- Shalva first -- identified Prof. Harper. Don't ask me how, as his photo has not yet been featured in this blog, although we did cite him once. Next week, Amina will offer a post on a debate class that Prof. Harper leads this semester in Bologna. As he did get his Ph.D from SAIS and then started teaching in Bologna in 1981, Prof. Harper's association with the program goes back more than 30 years, and the length of his tenure depends on whether you measure his start date as a SAIS student or as a professor. So I wasn't precise enough in my question, and Shalva gets the lunch and the others coffee! I look forward to it.