Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly quiz

The 2011-12 SAIS Bologna class has emerged almost fully from the lengthy admissions process. We can now say that students with passports from 51 countries have enrolled. This map shows the countries:

View SAIS Bologna 2011-12 class in a larger map

The countries include 5 newcomers to the Bologna Center, which in its 56 years has graduated students from 110 countries. The new countries are the Bahamas, Madagascar, Mongolia, Qatar and Zimbabwe. Congratulations to the trailblazers from those nations.

We plan to start cutting back on the frequency of our blog posts starting next week. Initially we will be posting three days a week -- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. As the summer deepens, we will cut back further as our readers leave their computers and hand-held devices behind for a few weeks. We'll pick up again in the autumn when a new batch of potential applicants start looking into graduate programs. We'll be counting on the incoming class to help us convey what SAIS Bologna is all about.

Soon we will be circulating a brief survey asking for feedback on this blog, which will be 6 months old in mid-June. If you would like to participate in the survey, please send an email to us.

Next week we will provide a short video capturing some of this year's students talking about what they will be doing this summer. We'll also have a post on a student project that was presented to an international renewable energy competition. During the following week, we plan to run a slideshow of photographs from the Bologna Center graduation, set for May 28.

Now, on to the quiz question.

But first, we've decided to wait until Monday mornings to reveal the answer to the Friday weekly quizzes. That gives all time zones a chance to participate. Now there is no excuse for not participating.

In what region, other than North America, did the greatest number of SAIS students from the most recent graduating class go to work after finishing their studies?

Prize: a SAIS Bologna tee shirt

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

I am gonna go guess Asia. If not, I am terrible at reading brochures.


Ana said...


Rilind said...

I would say Europe. Although I think it could be Asia too. But let´s try Europe :)

Mirjana said...

W. Europe?

Cono said...

According SAiS employment outcomes summary, ASIA is the second region after North America recruiting the most of the SAIS graduates :-)!

in the case: t shirt - M

polina said...


Góes said...

I'd say most of them probably go to Europe.

Anonymous said...


fracuo said...

I'd say Asia, with 40% of the share.
(you can see it here

NVM said...

Could it be Western Europe?

Nelson Graves said...

We had a record 11 answers to this quiz. (Sofya from Russia offered her answer via email.) I, too, would have been inclined to answer "Europe", as after the United States, Europe has the largest number of alumni. But in fact, the 2010 SAIS graduating class gravitated mostly towards Asia if not towards the United States. fracuo gave the link to a document entitled "SAIS Employment Outcomes, Class of 2010", which provides the data. This week we had our first tie for the winning spot. Maarten and Ana both came up with the right answer at 5:21 pm Italy time -- 7 minutes after the quiz was posted. Well done. Tee shirt sizes, please!

Anonymous said...

T-shirt size is medium!