Monday, December 13, 2010

First Steps

So you’re considering applying to SAIS Bologna. You’ve had a peek at our website. You’ve asked around, spoken to your friends, family, maybe a professor. Seems a good move. What now?

"I better get started with that application," you might say. "It's a lot of paper work." In fact, the paper work is not that hard.

Before you embark on the application, you might consider asking yourself two questions -- simple but important questions: Why are you interested? And how would a SAIS degree benefit you?

Your future could depend on your answers.

Our application process is not unusual: we require transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose. SAIS Bologna encourages applicants to take one of two standardized tests, either the GRE or the GMAT, but does not require them. For non-native speakers of English, there is a language requirement. Here are more details on the application process.

The strongest applications come from those who have stepped back and taken the time to consider what they can bring to the institution and how their studies relate to their goals in life.

Here are some questions that can help any candidate:
  • How does SAIS fit with my personal development?
  • What makes me special as a candidate?
  • What would I want to study at SAIS? How could that help me in a career choice?
For most of us, these are not easy questions to answer. It can help a lot to speak to people before committing your thoughts to paper (or a digital file). We encourage prospective candidates to contact us – via email, the phone, Skype, our website, this blog – so they can get to know us better and vice versa.

We can put you in touch with faculty, alumni and SAIS students to help you focus your thoughts. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals find their way in an interconnected world – and ultimately to have an impact. Please don't be shy -- get to know us so we know one another better.

With answers to those simple questions, you'll have more confidence in your own application and you'll be even more committed. The paperwork will then be a piece of cake.

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SAIS Bologna

Dear Pro - Thank you for your kind comment. Standardized tests -- and I'm thinking of the GREs and GMATs -- do require some preparation, especially for someone unaccustomed to such exams. It pays to know how the tests are structured. The makers of the tests will even advise when it is best to make an educated guess. Best of luck in your preparation. Please keep reading the blog, and feel free to sign up as a follower. We look forward to more comments. Nelson