Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Enough lecturing about applying to SAIS Bologna. Time for a break. So here is the first of periodic quizzes we'll run on this blog. If you have the answer, simply send it in as a "comment" along with your name. We'll publicize the name of the person who sends in the first correct answer and give the correct response the next day.

So here we go:

What was the name of the founder of the Bologna Center and in what year was it founded?

Don't be afraid to be famous -- we look forward to your answers.
The founder is in this picture. Extra credit: Can you name the other person?


Anonymous said...

Clare Boothe Luce

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Bologna

Thank you, Anonymous, for your answer. You have correctly identified the woman in the photo. She was U.S. ambassador to Italy at the time. Permit me three questions: Can you identify the man? Are you somewhere where I can buy you a coffee for identifying Clare Boothe Luce -- and for spelling her names correctly? And can we know who you are? Nelson

Ilektra said...

Charles Grove Haines 1955!

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Bologna

Ilektra wins the competition! Indeed, it was C. Grove Haines who founded the Bologna Center in 1955. The picture is of him and Clare Boothe Luce, then U.S. ambassador to Italy, taken at the inauguration of the Center. "What we are after is bright young people with promise of leadership," said Haines, who was a professor of diplomatic history. The answer to the question was in our blog entry of December 9 ('What is in a name?') and can also be found at the SAIS Bologna website (www.jhubc.it). Well done, Ilektra!
Stay tuned for our next quiz, next week.