Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here's a look at SAIS Bologna

Today Amal Ali takes us on a tour of SAIS Bologna.

Amal's tour speaks for itself. Some of the sights -- the library, auditorium, Giulio's bar -- will be familiar to many of our readers. But Amal takes the blog video camera to the basement for the first time. (Quiz question: When did we last post an item relating to the basement, and what did it involve? A cappuccino at Giulio's for the winner.)

A word on the building. It was designed by Enzo Zacchiroli, a Bolognese architect who won the National Institute of Architecture's (In/ARCH) top award in 1961 for his design, which managed to integrate the Bologna Center into its distinctive, medieval surroundings while making a modern statement.

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You may notice in the video three classes taught in Italian. That is because classes on the afternoon that Amal took us on the tour were devoted to languages. There are eight  languages taught at SAIS Bologna, which requires all students to pass a proficiency exam in a foreign language before they can graduate. All classes aside from languages are taught in English, which is why strong skills in that language are required for entry into SAIS.

Follow Amal, who is in our 2011-12 class, on her guided tour:

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Nelson Graves


Góes said...

Amazing tour, Nelson!

Great job!

Nelson Graves said...

Thank you, Carlos. Of course your guitar-playing skills feature in the video. By the way, no answer to the quiz question buried in the post?

Góes said...

I really don't remember. But I recall the p.o. boxes, which now I know to be in the basement, being shown in the Valentine's Day post.

Nelson Graves said...

Carlos - You are absolutely right. In a post last February 18 (http://saisbolognaadmissions.blogspot.com/2011/02/weekly-quiz_18.html), we showed the mailboxes, with single roses for each female student in celebration of Valentine's Day. One mystery remains: Who exactly left the flowers?