Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet Prof. Gianfranco Pasquino

What course are you teaching?
Contemporary Italian Politics (Fall semester)
Political Systems of the Developing World (Spring semester)

Your degrees?
SAIS, MA in International Relations, 1967 (very proud of it)

Where have you taught?
U. of Bologna, U. of Florence, UCLA, SAIS DC, SAIS Bologna Center since, at least, 1976

How long have you been teaching at SAIS Bologna?
Hence, about 35 years

A link to a recent publication/oped/academic work by you?
My University of Bologna Profile:

Anything special about SAIS Bologna?
Exceptional: it changed my life. I am a SAIS Bologna alumnus from 1966.

Anything special about Bologna?
Small and beautiful with a great University (and the Bologna Center)

Your favorite book?
"Auto da fé," by Elias Canetti

I am a moviegoer.

A quote
"Il cielo stellato sopra di me; la mia coscienza in me." - Immanuel Kant

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