Thursday, January 26, 2012

A note to candidates using our new online application system

Technology is great. But at times it can try one's patience.

This year applicants to SAIS Bologna are able to submit their applications using a secure online system. The system allows candidates to upload all documents online. Even authors of letters of reference can submit their recommendations using the online platform.

We don't want you feeling like this!
This is a huge improvement on the past when candidates were asked to mail most of their documents. It is easier for candidates and saves them money, and it spares us time and trouble at the receiving end.

Some candidates, however, have experienced problems uploading documents. Our experts are investigating the problem to see if it is a generalized glitch.

In the meantime, to help make sure candidates can submit applications smoothly, we repeat the system requirements which are listed on the first page of the online application:

Supported browsers include:
             o  Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9 (Windows)
             o  Firefox 3.6 & 7 (Mac)
             o  Firefox 3 and 7 (Windows)
             o  Chrome 12 (Windows and Mac)
             o  Safari 4 & 5 (Mac)
             o  Safari 5 (Windows), (Macintosh users - OS X).

While the majority of features will work with other browsers, we can guarantee full compatibility and offer support only for the browsers mentioned above.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6, we strongly recommend upgrading to version 9 as version 6 does not meet our minimum security requirements.

If you are using one of the supported browsers and are experiencing problems, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version. If you still experience problems after upgrading, please make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. Also, make sure the following browser settings are enabled:
            o  JavaScript must be enabled.
            o Popup blockers must be disabled.

If your browser has a section for trusted sites, please enter these two URLs:

You will need Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher to download, view and print PDF files. While PDF files should work with most other PDF viewers, we can only guarantee full compatibility and support for Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher.

If your email offers a whitelist, please add the following address:

For security reasons, please log out of the online application after each session.

If you have followed the above checklist and are still unable to upload, please send us an email at and we will help you.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured you will be able to submit your documents and that your candidacy won't be harmed by any technical difficulties you might experience.

Amina Abdiuahab

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