Tuesday, June 12, 2012

IMPORTANT: Deadline for applications = January 7, 2013

Prospective candidates, please take note: We have set our deadline for applications for admission for the 2013-14 year at SAIS Bologna. The deadline is:
January 7, 2013

We've decided to move up our deadline from our traditional date of February 1 for a variety of reasons:

- It aligns us with our colleagues at SAIS DC, underscoring our message that there is one SAIS with several campuses. Our global footprint offers unique opportunities to our students and sets SAIS apart.

- It means candidates will know earlier in 2013 whether or not they have been admitted to the program, making it easier for them to plan ahead.

We encourage anyone who is interested in SAIS Bologna to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our Admissions Office can help you plan and also point you to resources of information.

If you plan to apply, we would urge you to start the process now. Here are some of the steps:
January 7, 2013 -
mark it on your calendar
  • Information-gathering. You'll want to read up on our program as much as possible. In addition to this Journal, there is our website and our catalog. We will also be holding information sessions in coming months, both in person and online. (We are also on Twitter: @SAISBolognaBlog.)
  • Plan for any standardized tests. Most non-U.S. applicants to SAIS Bologna need to take one of the English competency tests: TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge. We encourage all applicants to take either the GRE or the GMAT. It's best to plan well in advance for these tests; it takes time to prepare, and in some cases candidates may want to take a test more than once to maximize their chances of admission.
  • Contact referees and tell them why you are applying. We require two letters of recommendation. The best letters are written by referees who understand why the candidate wants to come to SAIS, how they will make use of the experience and what unique attributes they will bring to SAIS. For an author to know this, they need to know the candidate's thinking.
  • Plan your finances. If you need financial aid, you can request aid from SAIS Bologna as part of your application. You will also want to explore other resources to maximize your chances of being able to finance your studies. The earlier you start your search, the better. Remember, whether or not you receive financial aid, graduate school -- any graduate school -- is an investment of time, energy and money. We consider SAIS an excellent investment; it's an investment, nonetheless.
  • Speak to Amina and me, and possibly visit SAIS Bologna. Both Amina and I enjoy our contact with prospective applicants: it's one of the best parts of our job. The strongest candidates usually know a great deal about our program and the application procedures before they apply. You will invariably have questions -- most can be answered by reading our literature, but some cannot. Also, it can be immensely valuable to visit SAIS Bologna to meet students and faculty. You are welcome to visit any time that we are in session, and we hold an Open Day for prospective applicants in December.
With summer upon us, it seems early to be thinking about the 2013-14 academic year. We all deserve some down time in coming weeks.

Still, we would encourage anyone who might be considering applying to get an early start. It will make life a lot easier for you and could improve your chances of admission if you do apply.

As usual, Amina and I stand ready to answer any questions you might have. Our email is admissions@jhubc.it and our Skype handle jhubc.admissions.

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