Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What are some SAIS alumni up to?

What do SAIS students do after they graduate?

That's an important question for prospective applicants, incoming students and current SAISers alike. A SAIS education is a major commitment, and our students are keen for a return on their investment.

Here is a report on the types of jobs last year's graduates took up; we featured the report in a post in May. You'll see that graduates tackled a wide variety of jobs around the world -- not surprising for a multidisciplinary program like ours.

Sometimes examples speak louder than aggregate data. Here are some SAIS graduates who have figured recently in the SAIS Bologna Admissions' Twitter feed (@SAISBolognaBlog):

Thora Arnorsdottir
 with her husband and children
Thora Arnorsdottir, who attended SAIS Bologna in 2002-03 and graduated from SAIS the following year, is running to be president of Iceland.

U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, has sent a warning to Syria's military via the embassy's Facebook page. Ford graduated from SAIS in 1983.

Timothy Geithner, taking time out from his duties as U.S. Treasury secretary, addressed SAIS graduates last month. Geithner finished SAIS in 1985.

Fabrizio Jacobellis, who finished SAIS in 2003, was named best professor by SAIS Bologna's class of 2012 -- the third time the adjunct professor of international economics has won the award.

Amb. Roberto Toscano
Zach Messitte, who attended SAIS Bologna before graduating from SAIS in 1996, has been named president of Ripon College in Wisconsin state.

President Barack Obama recently named SAIS graduates to be U.S. ambassadors to Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Professors Erik Jones and Michael Plummer, both of whom attended SAIS Bologna, have been busy teaching and publishing.

Roberto Toscano, who attended SAIS before distinguishing himself in Italy's diplomatic service as ambassador to India and Iran, addressed SAIS Bologna's end-of-year ceremony.

Nelson Graves

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