Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The last quiz we held was a great success. Many of our readers knew that La Befana brings sweets to children on January 6, the day before our new deadline for application.

Here's another quiz:

What is the name of the SAIS alumnus/a who recently came second in a run for national presidential elections? And where is he/she from?

The first person to answer correctly gets a SAIS Bologna tee shirt.

You can answer with a comment on this post or with an email to - be sure to tell us who you are so that we can follow up with you.


Amina Abdiuahab


Anonymous said...

Thora Arnorsdottir from Iceland

Anonymous said...

Thora Arnorsdottir from Iceland

Felix Amrhein said...

Thóra Arnórsdóttir

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Bologna

Thóra Arnórsdóttir from Iceland was at SAIS Bologna in 2003 and graduated in DC in 2004. Last month, she was the frontrunner in the first presidential elections since the collapse of the Icelandic economy in 2008.

The prize goes to Sylvia who was the first to respond via email.

Well done also to Felix, Christopher and Anonymous!