Friday, December 21, 2012

A holiday quiz

Last week SAIS Bologna faculty and staff gathered for a Christmas celebration. A special guest, who normally arrives later in December, made an appearance for the children who were at the party.

Quiz question:

Who is the person in the picture dressed as Santa Claus and what affiliation does he/she have with SAIS Bologna?

This quiz is not open to current members of the SAIS community (students, faculty or staff).

The prize will be a SAIS Bologna tee shirt like this one:

You can send your answer as a comment on this post or by email at

If you missed our December 19 online information session and want to listen to a recording, please send an email to


Alin said...

I wish this quiz could replace the IELTS exam. As I already have one SAIS t-shirt, I leave this opportunity to other prospective applicants.
Happy Holidays to everybody.

C.Z. said...

Nelson Graves, director of recruitment and admissions ! :)
Happy Holidays !

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Bologna

Well done, C.Z. But don't tell the children! Tee shirt on its way. Thanks for playing.