Thursday, December 6, 2012

Many faces of SAIS, observed

For a glimpse of the diversity that distinguishes SAIS, check out the new edition of the student publication SAIS Observer.

Diversity comes in multiple forms at SAIS. There are the many nationalities -- 74 countries are represented among this year's students. There are the varied backgrounds of our students by way of undergraduate degrees and work experience. There are the different concentrations.

The December edition of the Observer includes articles from each of our campuses in the U.S., Europe and Asia. On the front page, hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc with SAIS DC and tobacco smoke pollutes in China.

Prof. Gilbert
Articles by SAIS Bologna contributors touch on a range of issues: the U.S. elections, events in Luxembourg, China's new president Xi Jinping, restaurant reviews, Thanksgiving in Bologna, the London finance trip, the Dolomites, Barcelona, SAIS Bologna's budget and climate control in the library.

Two interviews are worth noting. Prof. Mark Gilbert makes the case for the relevance of history in the SAIS curriculum and ends with this suggestion: "I advise SAISers to be sceptical about grand solutions for the world's problems and to adopt a pragmatic method and ethic in their work."

MIPP candidate Tony Bonanno, who returned to Bologna after a career as a lawyer in London, has this to say to SAISers concerned about landing employment after graduation: "My advice is to try not to worry about it."

Nelson Graves

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