Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coming soon: day of reckoning

Candidates next week will learn the outcome of their applications to SAIS.

Some will be offered admission. Others will not. In both cases it's a time of reckoning.

Those who are accepted will need to mull their options before taking a decision. Our Admissions Offices in Bologna and DC stand ready to answer any questions; numerous events will be offered to admitted candidates to help them take the right decisions.

It's an important moment for those who are not offered admission. Reactions can range from rage to denial. In the end, as noted here and here, it can be a learning experience. As some readers will have heard me say, it's not the destination that counts but the getting there. Graduate school can be one step on the way to one's destination, but it need not be the only path.

(Note that MIPP candidates who applied through SAIS DC will hear later in March whether they were admitted or not.)

So what are the next steps for those who are admitted?

First, candidates should read their acceptance letters very carefully. They are chock full of information, including the campus to which a candidate is admitted. This is especially important for those candidates who on their applications indicated they would be willing to start in either Bologna or DC. All admitted candidates will be offered a spot on one campus or the other, and not to both.

Letters to non-U.S. candidates admitted to Bologna will include details of any financial aid and terms of condition for admission. They will also provide links to a great deal of information on the SAIS website.

Here are some key dates on the calendar:

MARCH & APRIL: Admitted candidates will be invited to online information sessions hosted by both SAIS Bologna and SAIS DC. SAIS Dean Vali Nasr will participate in one of the sessions on April 3.

Dean Vali Nasr
APRIL 15: Admitted candidates will be invited to a day-long Open House at SAIS Bologna. This is a chance to get to know current students, faculty and staff, and to visit the city of Bologna. While all admitted candidates are invited, we understand that most cannot come because of the distance.

Admitted candidates who live in the United States will be invited to the SAIS DC Open House on April 10 in Washington. They will also be invited to a reception with SAIS Bologna alumni, hosted by Bologna Center Director Kenneth Keller, set for the evening of April 11 at SAIS DC.

APRIL 20: Deadline for admitted candidates who have been offered financial aid or who did not request aid to accept the admissions offer.

MAY 1: Deadline for admitted candidates who have not been granted aid to accept the admissions offer.

MID-MAY (date to be determined): Deadline for registering for the online Principles of Economics course. Enrolled students must have passed introductory courses in both micro and macro before being able to start their studies at SAIS; the online course runs in the summer and is specially tailored to these students' needs.

LATE MAY: Closed Facebook group formed for incoming class.

AUGUST 12: SAIS Bologna's housing service begins. Many students take advantage of our housing consultant to line up accommodation and roommates.

AUG 21-SEPT 17: Pre-term in Bologna.

SEPT 18-20: Orientation and registration; all students must be present at school by September 18.

SEPT 23: First day of fall semester classes.

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Nelson Graves


Elizabeth said...

I appreciate the addition of the formation of the Facebook group in the timeline...saving headaches later on! Brava!

Nelson Graves said...

For the information of our readers: Elizabeth did yeoman's work last year in getting the Facebook group up and running for this year's class. We owe her a debt of gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information and posts along the way of our application. It is very helpful and greatly appreciated.
Now, is there a specific date by when you will let us know about the outcome?
Thanks so much!

Nelson Graves said...

We plan to inform all candidates of the Admissions Committee's decisions next week (the week of March 11). The first communication to non-U.S. citizens who applied to SAIS Bologna will be sent via email. U.S. citizens who applied to Bologna will be informed via the ApplyYourself online application system. Stay tuned!

David Peris-Mencheta Nadal said...

Thank you for the info!!