Thursday, March 7, 2013

SAIS Observer: Seeing things from a different perspective

The latest SAIS Observer newspaper does not have a theme, but it might as well have: Travels with SAIS.

Myanmar, Sarajevo, Jaipur, the French Alps, Verona, Prague, Marrakesh, Geneva, Brussels, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai: student contributors write about recent trips to destinations around the globe.

SAIS Observer
Some trips were organized by the Career Services department. In other cases, students sought adventure, new cultures or plain fun.

Mark Boyd, a first-year student, decided to stay put in Bologna with some friends for New Year's. "I was not disappointed," he writes before recounting the countdown to midnight and the burning of a huge wind-up monkey in the city's main square.

Max Cohen, another SAIS Bologna student, went skiing at Les Menuires in France: "After climbing many mountains of exams and papers, a week of skiing is all downhill."

Renee Wynveen writes of "an unforgettable life lesson" she learned on a trip to Sarajevo sponsored by the Center for Constitutional Democracy and Democratic Development (CCSDD).

Tristram Thomas gives seven reasons to visit Prague on a student budget. Monica Wojcik remembers souks, Argan oil, ballerina slippers, the call of the muezzin and mint tea in her piece about Mococco.

Articles not related to travel examine Sino-Japanese relations, artist Ai Weiwei and free electronic resources training at SAIS Bologna.

Joseph Geni compares watching the U.S. Super Bowl football championship to glimpsing Earth from an Apollo space capsule: "You just can't look at the thing quite the same after seeing it from a different perspective."

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