Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Student life: A world outside of SAIS Bologna

Martha Simms has discovered a world outside of SAIS Bologna and, like other students who engage with the Bologna community, broadened her horizons. Below she describes her experiences and provides us with a video of her choir.

Having worked a time-demanding job for the last two years, I was excited to involve myself again in a singing group when I arrived at SAIS.

Martha Simms
I discovered the Collegium Musicum, a musical organization under the umbrella of the University of Bologna, and auditioned in the spring. I was accepted as a provisional member for the fall semester and am now an official member of two choirs, the Coro Femminile and the Coro Misto.

The group turned out to be a more demanding organization than I originally thought.

We rehearse several times a week and sing often. The singers, both students at the University of Bologna and residents of Bologna, are seriously committed to the group and spend a good deal of time outside rehearsals at social events organized by the Collegium Musicum.

It has been a real challenge to understand the Italian, not to mention keeping up with the group musically, but has been a tremendously rewarding experience. I've made many new friends and developed a decent understanding of Italian. I have also gained a better sense of Bologna and the bolognesi than I might otherwise have.

I really recommend that future SAIS students involve themselves in local activities. It will completely reshape and enhance your SAIS experience.

If you are reading this via email, you can watch the video here.

Martha Simms (BC13/DC14)

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