Thursday, June 6, 2013

SAIS Bologna's new catalog: Answers to your questions

Whether you are an incoming student or prospective applicant shopping for a graduate program, you might like to bookmark our new catalog.

SAIS Bologna 2013-14 catalog
"Catalog", from Greek katalegein meaning "to list", is perhaps a misnomer. The 52-page document provides an overview of SAIS Bologna spanning admissions procedures, academics, student life, faculty and career services.

Because SAIS Bologna remains true to its 58-year-old mission, some of the material is old wine in a new bottle. But the catalog offers revised, up-to-date information on courses, student leadership opportunities and of course the academic calendar.

Interested in SAIS Bologna's roots? There's a section on its history and founder, Prof. C. Grove Haines.

The catalog will help newcomers digest the alphabet soup of SAIS Bologna's degrees or organize a visit to our campus. Incoming students might want a reminder of when the Winter Break starts (December 21) and finishes (January 5).

Along with the SAIS brochure and this Admissions Journal, the new catalog provides answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about SAIS Bologna and what sets our program apart.

Many of our incoming students are starting to focus on the finer points of attending SAIS Bologna starting in the fall. Their new, private Facebook group is a vibrant forum for interchange. Anyone with questions about finances, visas, health insurance, housing and the like should be sure to consult the web page for incoming students.

You're an incoming student and still stumped about courses, registration, academic advising and the transition to Bologna? You can contact either our Registrar, Bernadette O'Toole (, or our Director of Student Affairs, Margel Highet (

Nelson Graves

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