Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly quiz!

It's that time of the week.

We've tackled some pretty serious topics this week: languages at SAIS; financial aidGREs and GMATs, and speakers. Some of this is pretty heavy going, but we know it interests at least some of you. We receive lots of questions on these topics, and our readership statistics show that these posts are being read.

But all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. (No, the answer to today's quiz is not the origin of this proverb.) It's time for our quiz.

Last week it took NVM seven minutes to identify the SAIS Bologna terrace, where we have a webcam scanning the city's skyline. Eva W. was quick on December 21 to identify Kenneth Keller as SAIS Bologna Director, and the week before that Ilektra named C. Grove Haines as the founder of the Bologna Center.

It's clear we have to toughen up our questions or risk irrelevance. So here is today's quiz. There's an important innovation: it's a two-part question, and the winner needs to answer both parts correctly. The first part is multiple choice.


SAIS Bologna has produced 6,511 alumni since its founding in 1955. From how many countries do SAIS Bologna alumni come?

  • 80
  • 90
  • 100
  • 110
  • 120
  • None of the above

How many nationalities are represented among this year's SAIS Bologna class?

Remember: the winner gets a free lunch at Giulio's Bar at the Bologna Center. The runner-up gets a free cappuccino there.

Diversity comes in many forms.


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- Friday, January 21: Weekly quiz

Nelson Graves


Ihssane said...

I am most likely wrong, but I will take a shot at this. As they say in French, qui ne tente rien n'a rien!

Part I: 110
Part II: 45 nationalities? (I am also strangely tempted by the number 17...)

Nelson Graves said...

Ihssane has hit the nail on the head for Part I. Well done -- or as the French would say, "Félicitations!" As for Part II, a good guess but not quite right. Hint: It's good she did not yield to her temptation.

Ihssane gets a cappuccino -- and maybe more if she comes back with the right answer to Part II.

Hint: What is the minimum age one has to be to be U.S. president?

Ihssane said...

I will take the cappuccino and try for the next prize! 35 different nationalities in total this year? Hoping I'm still in the running...

Thank you for the hint, and the cappuccino!

Nelson Graves said...

Brava, Ihssane! You have answered both questions correctly. There are 35 different nationalities at SAIS Bologna this year among 190 students. Among our 6,511 alumni, there are 110 nationalities. This is testimony to our diversity from the very beginning in 1955. Ihssane wins a free lunch da Giulio and a cappuccino, although you'll have to take it separately because in Italy a cappuccino is not ordered after around 11 am! Bravissima!

Ihssane said...

Grazie tanto! I will make sure to respect cappuccino hours when I come to Italia!

NVM said...

Good job Ihssane!

Mr Graves, do you have an email address that I could use to discuss my statement with you? I used the automated system two weeks ago but I have not received a response.

Thank you for the information on Financial aid and for sharing Ms. Chiappini's video. Its good to see the faces (and hear the voices) of SAIS.

Did anyone get a free Ferrari on the visit to Maranello? If so, was it red (only because that's a popular color!)by any chance?

Thank you for the continued information!

Nelson Graves said...

Dear NVM - Thank you for your note. My apologies that your email to the automated system has lain unanswered. You can reach me directly at I'm glad you enjoyed the video of Gabriella Chiappini; we intend to use more video from now on. We are getting the hang of the camera, but editing remains a challenge (anyone know how to avoid pillarboxing or letterboxing?). As for Ferrari, I'm not sure anyone received a free car, but we enjoyed the visit. The Ferrari chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, is a friend of SAIS's and invited the student body. By the way, one thing we noticed is that Ferraris come in lots of colors including the iconic red. Order yours now! Nelson