Thursday, August 1, 2013

Online information sessions: here's our calendar

We at SAIS Europe Admissions will be holding online information sessions every month for the rest of the year to provide information on our master's degrees and application procedures, and also to answer any questions prospective candidates might have.

These sessions are interactive, and participants can ask questions either through the audio or by using the chat function.

It is a good way to hear what other prospective candidates are thinking -- and to meet people who might be your future classmates.

Usually a current student or recent alumnus participates in the sessions, providing worthwhile perspective.

We like to focus on a particular aspect of the application during each information session. We record the online sessions so prospective candidates can listen/watch them after they are over.

Here is the schedule:

- August 28 at 4 pm Central European Time time (1400 GMT) - general introduction
- September 26 at 10 am CET (0800 GMT) - standardized tests
- October 23 at 4 pm CET (1400 GMT) - statement of purpose
- November 26 at 10 am CET (0900 GMT) - letters of recommendation
- December 12 at 4 pm CET (1500 GMT) - analytical essay

If you are interested in participating in any of the sessions, please send an email to and we will send you instructions on how to connect.

In addition to these online sessions, Amina and I will be traveling to parts of Europe this fall to meet prospective applicants. We will post a list later. Every year at the beginning of December we hold an Open Day at SAIS Europe that allows prospective applicants to learn more about us. We will be announcing the date of Open Day soon.

Finally, Amina and I are happy to answer questions over the phone, via Skype or email, or in person.

Nelson Graves

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