Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SAIS collaboration with U.S. magazine provides global platform for student writing

SAIS students have a prominent new outlet for their writing and reporting -- "The Atlantic" magazine.

This summer the venerable U.S. publication has been running a series of articles from SAIS students on its digital platform, part of a partnership between the graduate program and "The Atlantic".

The students have contributed to the magazine's online "Global" and "China" channels.

Jared Metzker, who attended SAIS Europe this past academic year and will be studying at SAIS DC starting in the fall, tackles U.S.-EU trade negotiations with a story below an eye-catching headline, "Why Kansan Parsnips Might Soon Be Coming to Dutch Supermarkets".

Was Julia Gillard the victim of sexist politics when she was recently ousted by a fellow Labour Party leader as Australia's prime minster? That's the question Taylor Washburn addresses in his piece, "Is Sexism the Reason Julia Gillard Was Unseated?"

Finally, Josiah Tsui looks at a film on intelligence leaker Edward Snowden that was pulled together on short notice in Hong Kong, where Snowden sought refuge shortly before divulging details of secret U.S. surveillance programs.

Like Metzker, Tsui  attended SAIS Europe this past academic year and will be finishing his SAIS master's degree in DC next spring. He entered SAIS after three years as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, which means he will have earned both a BA and an MA in 5 years -- making him in SAIS jargon a "BA/MA".

SAIS students have many outlets on campus for their writing talents. The SAIS Observer is a monthly publication featuring pieces by students on all three SAIS campuses -- Bologna, DC and Nanjing.

At SAIS Europe, the Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs is the student revue that is published each spring.

Nelson Graves

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