Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Student life: Vying for Mr. Movember

Movember, or "Mustache-November", is a month-long, international effort to raise money for cancer awareness and research.

SAIS Europe is doing its part.

Three dozen Bologna Center men have grown mustaches this month to help promote three fund-raising initiatives: a Mustachio Bashio party, a calendar (with a special mystery photo) that will make for a perfect stocking stuffer/Valentine's Day gift and a Mr. Movember Contest.

Photo by Benan Berhan (BC14/DC15)
The goal is to match last year's fund-raising effort of $1,450. Three-quarters of all proceeds will go towards the Lega Italiana per la Lotta Contro i Tumori and 25% will go to the Philippine Red Cross to assist with Philippine disaster efforts.

A dozen of the mustachioed men are vying to be chosen by SAIS Europe classmates as Mr. Movember. Here are excerpts from their campaign flyers, circulated before voting today:

- Macho:  "I only watch Westerns, and, yes, I like the word 'saloon.' Paperback books? Don’t buy ‘em. My books are leather-bound or sent back. Finally, I can smoke 12 cigars in one sitting and still smell as fresh as the Andes."

- Modest: "While my fellow competitors have had the pleasure of sporting thick, full and refined mustaches, the likes of which would make even Tom Selleck envious, I have had to endure the pain and humiliation of growing this dirt squirrel for an entire month. For my sacrifice alone, I kindly ask for your vote."

- Poetic: "These mustache weeks have been a real pain,
               So please let this not be totally in vain."

- He-man: "I'm a man who can grow a lush mustache while the boys still look like drug lords."

- Ethereal: "Leaves yellow and red, fall, freeze. Perhaps the door splinters to the fires of homeliness.
Time—yes? It is he. It is I. It is Mr. Movember."

- Metaphoric: "I like my suits the same way I like my bacon: fresh and crisp."

- Suave: "The dried leaves crunching beneath his boots, Mr. Movember ambles leisurely through the crisp fall air in his plaid jacket, pumpkin spice latte in hand."

- Supremely qualified: "I have played Hamlet, I have performed open-heart surgery and I have spoken with Elvis. But I have not won Mr. Movember."

Paul Stack (BC14/DC15)

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