Monday, December 30, 2013

Photo Gallery II: Vote for your favorite photo

On December 19 we ran a first batch of 10 photographs by current SAIS Europe students and recent graduates. Today we publish another 10. Now is your chance to vote for your favorite from among the 20 photos. The winner will receive a Bologna Center tee shirt plus a book of their choice from among five written by SAIS Europe professors. Not to mention the honor of being singled out from among 20 outstanding shots.

To cast your anonymous vote, click here. (Before voting, don't forget to view the photos posted on December 19.) The poll will remain open until January 10.

Many thanks again to those who took the trouble to share their photographs with us.

Maxwell Cohen
Turin, Italy

Melanie Wheeler
Bologna, Italy

Nameerah Hameed
Islamabad, Pakistan

Nathan Shepura
Saharan Desert, Morocco

Nicola Hil
Railay, Thailand

Rebecca de Guttry
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Shelley Ranii
El Parque Nacional de los Glacieres, Argentina

Tess Johnson
Sardinia, Italy

Zhaoyin Feng
Shenandoah Park, Virginia

Zhiyi Chen
Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

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