Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vote now for your favorite photo

Have you voted in our photo contest?

We recently posted 20 photographs by current SAIS Europe students and recent alumni. Now's the time to vote for your favorite.

You can view the photos here:

Gallery I
Gallery II

To vote for your favorite, click on the poll here. It takes only a few seconds.

Voting will remain open through Friday, January 10.

Next week we'll announce the victor, who will win a Bologna Center tee shirt and a book of their choice from among five written by SAIS Europe professors.

The books are:
  • Weary Policeman: American Power in an Age of Austerity, by Dana Allin and Erik Jones (2012)
  • Allies Yet Rivals: International Politics in 18th Century Europe, by Marco Cesa (2010)
  • European Integration: A Concise History, by Mark Gilbert (2012)
  • The Cold War, by John Harper (2011)
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: A Quantitative Assessment, by Peter Petri, Michael G. Plummer and Fan Zhai (2012)

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