Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quiz: Listen, play and win

Summer is in the offing. This year's SAIS Europe students are scattered around the world and next year's have not yet arrived.

The BC Fuzz
What better time for a quiz?

The first person to send us the correct answer will win a Bologna Center tee shirt, and their name will go down in history.

Where did the drummer in the band that performed this song earn his Ph.D?


Alejandro BarĂ³n said...

Michigan State?

Denisa Lazarescu said...

University of Michigan.

Nelson Graves said...

Congratulations, Alejandro. Yes, that's the unmistakable sound of The BC Fuzz rock bank, with Dr. Michael Plummer, professor of International Economics and soon to be director of SAIS Europe, on the drums. Prof. Plummer studied at the Bologna Center before earning his Ph.D from Michigan State University. While we had two correct answers, I'm not sure anyone except Prof. Plummer and his band mates can answer the question whether he will continue to pound the drums after ascending to the SAIS Europe director's position on August 1.