Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's time to sit back, relax and...enjoy a quiz

Bologna is home to the oldest operating university in the world, the University of Bologna.

Since 1088, students have been an integral part of this beautiful medieval city. It is no surprise that in 1955 C. Grove Haines, founder of the SAIS Bologna Center, thought it would be an ideal place to start the first U.S. graduate program in International Relations in Europe.

The view from San Luca, the church on top of the hill in the picture below, is perhaps one of the most special in town. You can reach San Luca by walking under over 600 porticoes. Here is the quiz:

What  is the name of the medieval gate where the porticoes to reach San Luca start from?

Picture by Elizabeth Mondl (BC11/DC12)

The first person to answer correctly wins a SAIS Bologna tee shirt. To answer, you can comment on this post or write to

Amina Abdiuahab


Mark Calderaro said...

Porta Saragozza!

g.l. said...

Porta Saragozza?


Samer said...

Porta Saragozza !

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Europe

The medieval gate, where the porticoes that lead to San Luca start, is Porta Saragozza. Congratulations to Johan who was the first one to respond correctly and wins a SAIS Bologna tee shirt. Well done to Mark, Gerta, Samer, Andres and Alexander for answering correctly as well. Many thanks to everyone for taking part in the quiz.