Friday, October 17, 2014

Careers: Making Financial Moves in London

The M.A. program at SAIS is, above all else, a professional development program.

To give its students the best advantage in a competitive job market, Career Services organizes sector-specific treks to cities across the world. At SAIS Europe, those include visits to London, Brussels and Geneva.

On these treks, students are given the opportunity to visit employer sites, hear alumni speak about their careers and gain insight into the hiring requirements of some of the program's top employers.

Last week, students traveled to London to meet with employers working in finance.

Read what Carlotta Munini, an Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE) concentrator at SAIS Europe, has to say about her experience as one of the participants:

The London Finance Career Trek is one of the unique opportunities SAIS offers. Those of us with a strong passion for the financial sector had the opportunity to visit the world's leading financial institutions for two days. 

As "temporary insiders" we were able to approach and engage with some of the SAIS alumni that hold prestigious positions in these institutions. 

The alumni were always excited to address our questions and concerns regarding their jobs, the challenges they face every day and the working opportunities within the field. Getting such straightforward and honest answers was crucial in helping us develop a more accurate idea of what working in the financial field means.

The next career trek planned for SAIS Europe students takes place in Geneva and will focus on UN agencies, trade-and environment-related organizations, think tanks and non-profits.

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