Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Concentrations at SAIS: Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE)

The Energy, Resources and Environment Program (ERE) is one of the largest and fastest growing programs at SAIS Europe.

Students in this concentration take both energy and environment courses, giving them the knowledge of the deep links between the two areas. An understanding of the "iron triangle" of energy, water and food security, the threats posed by global climate change, and possible solutions to these daunting problems, is a critical component of the ERE graduate's tool kit.

Studying ERE in Europe has its advantages. For one, students get to learn from professors with a unique set of international experiences related to energy and the environment.

Dr. Manfred Hafner, a visiting professor from the International Energy Masters program at Sciences-Po Paris with experience in energy security and technologies in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, is teaching this semester's course on Politics & Economics of International Energy.

Next semester, Dr. Kenneth Keller, former director of SAIS Europe and current senior adjunct professor of science and technology policy, will be teaching a course on Science, Technology & International Affairs.

Waleed Khoury
Students studying ERE in Bologna are well connected to the program in D.C. Waleed Khoury, a current M.A. student at SAIS, is the ERE Student Liaison in Bologna. His main role is relaying the interests of the Bologna ERE cohort to the program based in D.C., and then interfacing between the D.C. and SAIS Europe centers to facilitate a fulfillment of those interests.

According to M.A. student Brianna Lazerwitz, studying ERE in Bologna also allows students to discover new paths within the concentration.
Brianna Lazerwitz

"Before coming to SAIS, my main interests in ERE were with water-related issues. I didn't expect to discover that I'm also interested in energy and risk analysis, which I credit to the Politics & Economics of International Energy and Risk in International Political Economy courses offered in Bologna. Being here has let me explore IR and other academic interests that I can then tie into my focus in ERE in D.C., and into a career after graduation."

To learn more about the ERE concentration and its requirements, visit the program's webpage.

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