Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly quiz

Steven Arjonilla won our seventh quiz last week. He was followed closely by Góes and Nilshan, all of whom correctly named the United States, Italy and Germany as the three countries that have sent the most students to SAIS Bologna.

This week I was tempted to run this photo:

... and ask you to identify the subject.

But that would be too easy. Everyone knows Giulio.

I could ask how many countries are represented by this year's batch of applicants. But you could simply go to yesterday's post and count the arrows on the map.

No, we have to raise the bar while staying within the confines of the SAIS Bologna community, writ large.

So here we go.

SAIS Bologna has a great many famous individuals among our 6,511 alumni.

Which alumnus was recently named to lead an important international body that sets closely watched bookkeeping standards?

Need a hint? The alumnus is in this photograph -- and he is not the Sesame Street-like creature on the right:

The winner, of course, gets a free lunch at Giulio's. With our famous alumnus, if he's in town.

Nelson Graves


butz33 said...


I do not know if this is correct, but in October Hans Hoogervorst was named chairman to IASB. I am not sure if he graduated SAIS Bologna or DC. I am taking a stab (if you will).

Very challenging!

NVM said...

Could it be Fabian Hamilton?

NVM said...

Tough one this one Mr. Graves! But this is good.

Ana said...

Ambassador Carlo Trezza BC' 69? He was appointed Chairman of the UN Disarmament Advisory Commission by the UN Secretary General.

Nelson Graves said...

Our readers include some impressive sleuths. Indeed, Carlo Trezza, who is on the Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, graduated from the Bologna Center in 1969. He used to chair that Board. I did not know of Fabian Hamilton, NVM, but was interested to read about him. Did he go to SAIS Bologna? The man I was thinking of was indeed Hans Hoogervorst, who was named chairman of the International Accounting Standards board last October. Hans and I were in the same SAIS class, in fact, and he went on to be Dutch Finance Minister and also Health Minister (the post he was serving in when the picture was taken). I'd love to know more about the creature in the photo. So lunch for Butz33, who has already stood on the quiz victory podium. Well done. She has great sources. Consolation prizes to Ana and NVM -- cappuccini da Giulio.