Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly quiz

Before the fun begins, a statistic: yesterday this blog received more pageviews than on any other day since we launched it in December. Thank you readers.

These are the 10 countries with the most pageviews -- so far:

Sri Lanka
South Korea
United Kingdom

Is your country on that list?

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Now, the quiz.

But first, I am impressed by the skills several of our readers have used to find the answers to the challenges. They have needed far more than a powerful Internet search engine. Clearly journalists in waiting.

Here's today's stumper:

Where was this picture taken? And why the flowers?

What a nice gesture.
The winner's prize: a free lunch at Giuglio's.

Monday: An Interview on Interviews with Prof. Erik Jones

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

Teachers' mailboxes, on Saint Valentine's day.

NVM said...

Was this a surprise from Ivo Rossetti??? I would guess that this is a photograph capturing the Mail Room, and the flowers, judging from the pink and red, were part of the modern day celebration of St. Valentines's Day???

Nelson Graves said...

Do two 1/2 lunches make one full lunch? Both Anonymous and NVM were right about these being flowers offered on Saint Valentine's Day (Feb 14). Like Anonymous him/herself, they were given by an unknown giver(s). The roses were put in the female students' mailboxes, which are located in the Locker Room in the basement of the Bologna Center. (Which in addition to lockers and mailboxes, has a ping-pong table, table football (foosball) and a drum set....) In Japan, where I last lived, the custom is for women to offer men dark chocolate on Feb 14 and for the men to reciprocate a month later with white chocolate. Well done, Anonymous and NVM (who mounts the winner's podium for a second time). P.S. We'll have to ask Ivo if he had a hand in this. Also, I've updated the post with a photo of some of the recipients of the flowers.

NVM said...

As Anonymous was the one who technically won this one, I would like to leave this decision in her/his capable hands. That is interesting about Japan, I knew that women made the first gesture but wasn't aware that males reciprocated a month later. I wonder what other traditions exist!

Nelson Graves said...

NVM - Very magnanimous of you, but in this case, without knowing who Anonymous is, it's hard to set a place at the luncheon table!

Anonymous - Would you like to come forward?


Anonymous said...

Nelson, do you contact all the applicants or only those ones who were selected for an interview?

Nelson Graves said...

Anonymous - We interview all applicants. Amina and I are in the process now of (1) checking to make sure each candidate's application is complete (and communicating the status of the applications to the candidates) and (2) arranging interviews. Each candidate will be contacted on points 1 and 2. If you have not been contacted yet, I can only ask for your patience. We're working as quickly as we can!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Nelson! Just one more question: when are you planning (approximately)to finish the checking process?

Nelson Graves said...

Anonymous - We hope to finish checking the status of the applications by mid-week. Everyone will have been contacted with respect to an interview by the end of this week. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Did anyone answer correctly the weekly quiz posted Friday 11th?

Johns Hopkins
SAIS Bologna

Yes, as noted in the comments following the Feb 11 quiz, butz33 won -- her second time since the quizzes were launched.