Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly quiz

First, a nuts-and-bolts update on where we stand in the process for admitting students for the 2011-12 academic year.

If you have applied to SAIS Bologna, you should have received an email from us confirming that your application is complete or, if it is not, what might be missing. In the event you have not received such an email, I'd suggest you write us at as soon as possible.

Many but not all of you have received an email with details of your interview. Those who have not received those details will get an email in coming days.

The Admissions Committee will be spending March interviewing candidates and reading your applications. You can imagine how much time goes into this process. We want to make sure we make the right choices. Several faculty and senior staff are involved in reviewing each application to make sure multiple points of view are brought to bear.

Admissions decisions will be taken at the end of March and communicated to candidates in early April. For those who are admitted, April can be a month of reflection -- the deadline for confirmation of acceptance is May 16. For those who are not admitted, there is a time of stock-taking. I know a thing or two about rejection -- its pain and its benefits -- and will be publishing a post on this in coming weeks.

So, on to today's quiz.

Who is the man in these photographs and what did he have to do with SAIS?

The winner, of course, gets a free lunch at Giulio's.

And just because I cannot resist, here is tonight's view from the webcam on our penthouse terrace:

Next week we are planning posts on the SAIS Bologna student government, the importance of outside speakers to the learning experience, a look at our DC campus and an interview with SAIS Associate Dean for Student Affairs Bonnie Wilson, who is a Bologna Center graduate.


Anonymous said...

Enzo Grilli, former SAIS Professor of International Economics.

This one was easy (it only required a "powerful search engine") ...

A loyal reader.

A loyal reader. said...

Enzo Grilli, former SAIS Professor of International Economics.

This one was easy (it only required a "powerful search engine").

Steven Arjonilla said...

Enzo Grilli
Enzo Grilli, whose ties to the SAIS community as a student and teacher spanned nearly 40 years, died October 28 in Washington, D.C., at 63. At the time of his death, he was a professor of international economics in Washington.

A native of Genoa, Italy, Grilli started teaching at SAIS in 1976 as an adjunct professor in the International Economics Program. He taught at both the Bologna and Washington campuses and was a favorite of SAIS students, winning the “SAIS Excellence in Teaching Award” in 1997 and 2001.

I think that will suffice.
-Steven Arjonilla

Góes said...

That's Enzo Grilli, who is a deceased graduate and Chaired Professor of SAIS Bologna. There is a memorial fellowship in his honor payed for by some of his friends:

Carlos Góes

Nelson Graves said...

"A loyal reader" was fast out of the box, but we can't award prizes to the anonymous, so Steven wins this week's quiz and lunch, and Carlos gets a cappuccino. I'm no Internet expert and don't know how a search engine could use a photo to identify a person -- I'm all ears for an explanation, Anonymous. Steven and Carlos have both given plenty of background on Prof. Grilli, who twice won prizes awarded by students at SAIS for the quality of his teaching. As our readers might recall, Bank of Italy Governor Mario Draghi delivered a memorial lecture at SAIS Bologna last week in Prof. Grilli's honor. Grilli's special relationship with students and his impact on both academics and public policy reflect values that SAIS tries to promote.

Steven Arjonilla said...

I did not use Google right away to find the answer. What I did was right click on both of the images to find their file name. The first picture of Prof. Grilli was no help because the file name is simply "quizpic6" However, if you right click on the second image you will see that the file name of the photo is "GrilliOffice" I figured that his name was Grilli so I Googled "Grilli SAIS" and boom! There it was! The answer in full detail and all under 2 minutes!

Carlos Goldstein said...

Two cappuccinos and no lunches... I'll probably lose some weight in Bologna. =)