Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Incoming students: Ignore this at your peril

Now that we have your attention....

Two important points are worth our emphasizing as you prepare to start you studies at SAIS Bologna in the autumn.

1. Every student has to have passed both basic microeconomics and basic macroeconomics BEFORE they can start any course work at SAIS. Many students have already met this requirement. But some have not.

SAIS offers an online course over the summer which allows students to satisfy this requirement if they have not already. However, registration for this course, which starts on May 25, is now closed, so it is no longer an option if you have not already registered.

If you need to take either basic micro or basic macro this summer, you should look for a similar university-level course elsewhere. There are such courses offered online and at universities around the world. If this is the tack you need to take, please be sure to clear the curriculum with Amina Abdiuahab before committing to the course.

Remember: if you have not satisfied this economics requirement by the time classes begin, you will not be able to commence your studies. This is no joke: in the past students have been sent back home at the outset of the academic year for failing to meet this requirement.

The same holds true for pre-term: if you want to take part in pre-term, either in Washington or Bologna, you have to meet the micro/macro requirement beforehand.

One thing that continues to flummox some students: the micro and macro courses that are offered during pre-term are at the intermediary level. In order to take them, a student has to have already satisfied the basic micro and macro requirement.

2. Every student has to show proof of an undergraduate degree before starting any course work.

As hard as it is to believe, this is another requirement that has tripped up some incoming students.

The way to show such proof is to obtain from your undergraduate institution either an official final transcript that confirms you received your degree, or bring your original diploma from that institution.

Please keep in  mind that we do not accept copies of a transcript or of a diploma for this requirement. Please obtain the original.

We hope this nuts-and-bolts blog post will prevent awkward scenes come the autumn. Forewarned is forearmed. (Now who said that?...)

Nelson Graves


Anonymous said...

A little Internet search leads me to believe its from Robert Greene when he wrote A Notable Discovery of Coosnage which is also known as The Art of Conny-catching . In it he wrote, "forewarned, forearmed: burnt children dread the fire."


Nelson Graves said...

I thought it was Miguel de Cervantes who wrote: “Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.” Apparently he also coined, "A closed mouth catches no flies." But I see "Forewarned is forearmed" listed as an English proverb from the 16th century, which of course is when Cervantes lived.

Nilshan said...

Mr. Graves,

Wouldn't point No. 2 almost be a prerequisite to gain admission to SAIS? Or is it that we would have to submit another transcript in addition to what was already sent for our SAIS admission?


Nelson Graves said...

Good question, Nilshan. Some candidates are finishing their undergraduate degree when they apply and their admission is contingent on their finishing successfully. They would only have their degrees after graduating. Others who have already graduated may have presented us copies of their degree. What we need from all before classes start is an original version of either the transcript showing the undergraduate degree, or the diploma itself. If you have already sent either, then there is no worry. I hope that is clear. Thanks again for the question.

Nilshan said...

Ah, comprende! :) Thank you for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected :)


Donggi said...

Mr Graves,

Regarding No.1, Does "Every student has to have passed both basic microeconomics and basic macroeconomics BEFORE they can start any course work at SAIS" mean that students who have studied Macro & Microeconomics in their undergraduate study have to take another classes before attending SAIS? Or is this information only for students who haven't studied economics in their previous institute.

Nelson Graves said...

Donggi - If a student has taken Micro and Macro at the undergraduate level, then generally they do not have to take classes in these subjects before starting SAIS. The best way in your case to be sure is to contact the SAIS DC Admissions Office. Normally you would have been told if you needed to take the summer course, so if you have not been advised to take the course, the likelihood is that you do not. But please do check with Washington to make sure.

Matthew said...

Hi Nelson,

I'm an incoming American student (who applied through Washington) and I'm finishing up my undergrad degree. Should I send my official transcript to Washington or Bologna?


Nelson Graves said...

Very good question, Matt. You should provide your official transcript and proof of degree to the Admissions Office in Washington, through which you applied. This is the case of all students who applied through Washington. Those non-U.S. candidates who applied through Bologna should provide their final transcripts and proof of degree to us in Bologna. I hope that is clear. Thank you for the question.

Nelson Graves said...

I'd like to try to clear up any confusion. If you applied to SAIS through the Washington, DC Admissions Office, you should provide them with your proof of undergraduate degree. If you applied through Bologna, you should supply the Bologna Admissions Office with the document. The same holds true of the proof of having satisfied the economics requirement: if you applied through DC, inform them; otherwise, inform Bologna. I hope that is clearer.

Matthew said...

Great, thanks Nelson!