Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly quiz

Our readers have heard so much from us lately -- via this blog, Facebook, Twitter, you name it -- that I suspect they just want to get on with the quiz.

But just one thing before that: if there is something truly pressing that you need to know, please send in a comment on this blog if you think it's an issue of general interest, or send an email to me at We will not let your query languish.

So then, on directly to the quiz.

Who is this man and what does he do?

Hint: Most incoming students will get to know him very quickly after arriving in Bologna.

New prize: a Bologna Center tee shirt.

Nelson Graves


Góes said...

Is the man in the picture Salvatore, the housing expert?

Nelson Graves said...

Góes may have guessed, but he guessed right. Well done. I believe you've already chalked up a victory? In any case, what size tee shirt do you take? Nelson

NVM said...

Congrats Goes! I wasn't able to figure this one out. Enjoy the tee :)

Góes said...

Mr Graves, maybe this is a prize for loyalty. Competition relinquished. I'm still here! I wear Larger, by the way.


Carlos Goes

Góes said...

I wear Size L.

Góes said...

I wear Size L

Ihssane said...

Can't believe I missed this one! And I had kept a eye out for it after the hint... :) Good job Goes!