Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interning in Bologna

Most SAIS Bologna students have flown the coop for the summer. Two have stayed.

Valeria Calderoni and Saurav Rana are helping Prof. Erik Jones launch a policy research institute, and getting paid to do so.

Valeria & Saurav taking a break
In a video in Tuesday's post, Prof. Jones called the research institute "probably the most important change to the functioning of the Bologna Center that we've had in our 56 years of existence." Sure sounds major.

To anyone who has worked on such an ambitious project from the outset, the range of responsibilities that Valeria and Saurav are shouldering will sound familiar: from moving furniture to analyzing a speech by the outgoing U.S. Defense secretary.

Most Bologna Center students work internships between their year in Italy and their second year in Washington. They work all over the world, as befits a graduate school of international studies. Some of our readers may recall earlier posts on internships and career services.

In the video below, Valeria and Saurav discuss their work.

Once you're through watching that video, if you have a few minutes and you want to know how some educators feel when students leave after graduation, have a peek at these images.

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