Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly quiz

It would not be a weekly quiz without some housekeeping first, right?

Incoming students have lots of questions. This is entirely normal. Before writing an email, please make sure that you've read the material on the web page for incoming students. There you will find the answers to many questions. And do not forget the Guidebook for Incoming Students. It tackles myriad matters: visas, health issues, finances, communications, travel and housing among them.

Many of you are experiencing the joy of applying for a visa. Alas, like tuition it is a fact of life. Please do not panic. Each of you who applied through the Bologna Admissions Office should have received a letter, in Italian, that provides Italian diplomatic authorities with some important information. The letter informs the authorities that:
  • You have been admitted to SAIS Bologna and gives them the dates of your attendance in 2011-12;
  • SAIS Bologna is recognized by the Italian state;
  • SAIS Bologna has an ample number of apartments at its disposal, and you will be able to choose from among them;
  • If you are a non-EU citizen, SAIS Bologna will make sure you have the emergency medical insurance that is required by law;
  • We request that the diplomatic authorities return the letter to you along with your visa so that you can obtain, if necessary, a permesso di soggiorno once in Bologna.
This letter has been written so that the Italian consular authorities have the information they need to issue a visa. Of course different embassies and consulates have different approaches. If you hit a brick wall, get back to us.

Enough of the logistics. On to the quiz -- which this week is for the daring only.

Earlier this week we published a post with a question from the final exam in Prof. Akin's International Monetary Theory class. Click here for the exam question.

What is the answer to the first part of the question, which asks: 

I'll give you a break: unlike during a real exam, you can ask for help on this one. The key is to provide the right answer.

This week the winner gets a SAIS Bologna tee shirt plus a free lunch at Giulio's -- with Prof. Akin.


For the answer to the quiz question, click here.

You can also see it here:


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Nelson Graves


Alexander said...


My suggestion would be the following:
AD: Y=15.8-20i+(16-(10/E))


Ihssane said...
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Nelson Graves said...

Hats off to both Alexander and Ihssane for daring to offer answers. (I have removed Ihssane's answer because her computer did not allow her to see the complete question, so she was handicapped in trying to answer.) This was clearly not easy, as quite a few people read the post but only these two raised their hands. I have inserted the correct answer in the blog post above. In the meantime, while there is no first prize this week, I'll be glad to offer both Alexander and Ihssane cappuccini when they come to Bologna.