Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Quiz

Before we dive into the weekly quiz, some housekeeping matters.

All of you who will be attending SAIS Bologna in 2011-12 should have received your JHED by now. Please contact us if you have not. If you have not yet activated your email account, please do so as soon as possible.

Your calculus DVDs are in the mail and should reach you soon. 

Also, all incoming students who applied through the Bologna Admissions Office should have received their original admission and visa letters. If you have not, you know where to find us. 

And now, on to the quiz:

At last week's SAIS Bologna graduation ceremony, three students received awards for academic excellence. Who are the awards named after? 

The first person to reply correctly gets a SAIS Bologna tee shirt. The answer on Monday.


NVM said...

Charles Grove Haines

Nelson Graves said...

NVM wins for the third time. She now is owed two lunches at Giulio's, a tee shirt and, for her runner-up finishes, two cappuccini. Well done. The answer to this one was, all in all, not that difficult as the name of the prizes was on the graduation program that we included as part of the post on the commencement ceremonies. I attach it above. NVM - What size tee shirt, please? (Tee shirt winners: we are in the process of ordering them and promise you will receive them.)

NVM said...

Mr. Graves, a medium should do well by my torso. Thank you sooo much! Last week, I was looking around seeking to purchase some SAIS parapernalia, does SAIS BC have a store similar to the one in DC?