Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Careers and a SAIS education go hand in hand

SAIS is a professional graduate school. We prepare students so they can enter the job force upon graduating. Most of our students are enrolled in a two-year Master of Arts in International Relations and take up jobs upon finishing.

What kinds of careers do our graduates choose? A wide variety. They go into business, government, diplomacy, NGOs, multilateral institutions, development, education -- even journalism, as I did after finishing SAIS in 1983.

We published a post last February that examined the career choices of the class of 2010. While the favorite career choices evolve over time, one thing tends to remain constant: SAIS graduates can tackle a range of challenges over their lifetimes.

(If you can believe it, one of the most popular career choices in my day was commercial banking. How boring that would appear to many graduates nowadays.)

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The Career Services offices in Bologna and Washington provide students with long-term career management skills. During pre-term in Bologna, students participated in a professional development course that laid the groundwork for their career planning over the next two years.

In the video below, we captured some of the students in the course discussing in small groups different job sectors that they had researched in advance. At the end of the video, Felix Lung, a first-year MA candidate from Germany, offers his views on career support at SAIS -- and on the role the diverse student body has on educating students.

Warning: The opening shots of the video move along very quickly before Felix's interview starts. Just to give you a taste of the teamwork in career planning here -- a point that Felix makes.

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