Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SAIS Bologna's Halloween party: a slideshow

Bologna's venerable Palazzo Gnudi may never have seen such a cast of characters. And members of the SAIS Bologna Class of 2013 may never again celebrate Halloween in such a splendid venue.

Revelers left political correctness at the door but global politics was front and center during the class's Halloween bash, held in the sumptuous 18th century palace in the heart of the city.

Below is a slideshow that captures some of the costumes and glittering surroundings. Apologies to those who took the trouble to dress up but are not featured -- there were simply too many of you.

Thanks to photographers ReneĆ© Wynveen, Ally Carragher, Ann Dailey, Caitlin Geraghty and Meng Meng, and to the organizing committee of Brenna Allen, Stephen Crosse, Ann Dailey, Katerina Lovtchinova, Kate Maxwell and David Payne.

If you are reading this via email, you can see the video by clicking here.

Nelson Graves

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