Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"This is what we came here for."

Felix Amrhein is a SAIS Bologna student from Germany. He offered us these thoughts as the fall term got under way:

We knew this day would come. Pre-term is over; now the real thing starts.

The fall schedule has kicked in, readings are taking up more and more time and there are so many essential things to do: readings for classes, statements of motivation for classes or student government applications, choosing paper topics, setting up resume-formatting sessions, internship research, organizing the club fair and heading to the supermarket to make sure there is food in the fridge should I get the chance to head home for a snack.

There is no way to be bored.

Felix Amrhein
I  realize something I had not yet fully grasped: This experience is not just some nice readings on a few subjects combined with lots of travel and a vibrant social life, but hard work that requires determination and time-management skills.

We have been told about the three S's: Study, Sleep, Social life. Now we have to juggle these three demands while being acutely aware that we have only one year here. Others have succeeded, and so we will too!

But there is more to this than just hard work, sleep deprivation and desperate efforts to have a life outside the library and the classroom. There is the knowledge and anticipation that once this challenge is met, we will look back on this experience with a feeling of accomplishment that is going to be more rewarding that anyone can imagine today.

Considering the hard work we put into this program, we should not forget that we were given the chance to study in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with opportunities to travel through Italy, and are part of the most amazing group of people I have ever met.

This is what we came here for and this is what we will do. Today I can finally say I am ready for this amazing experience.

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