Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SAIS Bologna's new catalog

Courses, concentrations, degrees, student life, admissions requirements, our host city: a new catalog touches on each of these aspects of SAIS Bologna.

Even in the digital age there is something nice about a single, tidy document that answers most of your questions.

Wondering about the various degrees that are offered in Bologna? Turn to page 20 of the 2012-13 catalog and read about the MA, MAIA, MIPP, Diploma, Ph.D and dual degree programs.

Biographies of our resident faculty are scattered throughout the 45-page volume. Recent students, including Judit Vásárhelyi-Kondor from last year's SAIS Bologna class, comment on their experiences in Bologna:

“I looked at the best programs in international
relations and SAIS was my top choice. I always dreamed of living in Italy, and I really like
the global dimension of SAIS’s Bologna program -- one year in the U.S. and one year in Europe.”
Judit Vásárhelyi-Kondor
Budapest, Hungary
M.A. Candidate (B’12) European Studies
Henry Tesluk Fellowship Recipient

You can learn about the Bologna Center's history, student life, our campus, the city of Bologna and student services.

You might like to look at the list of internships that SAIS Bologna students landed last summer. They included jobs at Booz Allen, CSIS, JPMorgan, the OECD, UNESCO, the U.S. State Department and the World Bank.

Finally, for chapter and verse on admissions procedures, turn to page 17. A key date -- the deadline for applications for 2013-14 -- may stick out: January 7, 2013.

This new catalog focuses on SAIS Bologna -- one of three campuses in the global orbit of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Last month we ran a post on a new brochure that spells out what makes SAIS unique, including its global footprint.

Nelson Graves

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