Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting to know us and the next steps towards SAIS

Candidates who have been admitted to SAIS and are weighing their options have several opportunities in the next two weeks to learn first-hand what the program is all about.

SAIS Bologna holds its annual Open House for admitted candidates next Monday, April 15. Here is a tentative schedule of the day.

Although all admitted candidates are invited, we realize that most cannot make it. Next week we plan a blog post summarizing the key questions that were asked during the day.

If you'd like to come to the Bologna Open House and have not registered, you can do so here.

SAIS DC will be holding its Open House tomorrow, April 10. Candidates admitted to SAIS Bologna are welcome to attend that event plus a reception with Bologna Center alumni at SAIS DC starting at 6:30 pm on Thursday, April 11.

To register for the DC Open House, click here. If you'd like to attend the reception with SAIS Bologna alumni on April 11, please send an email to admissions@jhubc.it.

Looking further ahead:

APRIL 20: Deadline for admitted candidates who have been offered financial aid or who did not request aid to accept the admissions offer.

MAY 1: Deadline for admitted candidates who have not been granted aid to accept the admissions offer.

ONLINE ECONOMICS: Some admitted candidates will be taking SAIS's Online Principles of Economics (OPE) course this summer. The course gives them the grounding needed in micro and macro to be able to start their SAIS studies.

There will be two sections of OPE:

Session 1: May 1-July 25
Session 2: May 22-Aug 15

Session 1 is intended for students attending SAIS DC pre-term, and they will be given priority enrollment. Tuition for Session 1 is due by April 24.

Session 2 is meant for students attending SAIS Bologna pre-term, and they will be given priority. Tuition for Session 2 is due by May 21.

LATE MAY: Closed Facebook group formed for the incoming SAIS Bologna class.

AUGUST 12: SAIS Bologna's housing service begins. Many students take advantage of our housing consultant to line up accommodation and roommates.

AUG 21-SEPT 17: Pre-term in Bologna.

SEPT 18-20: SAIS Bologna orientation and registration; all students must be present at school by September 18.

SEPT 23: First day of fall semester classes.

Nelson Graves

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