Thursday, April 18, 2013

Student life: the SAIS kaleidoscope

There's hardly a better way to get a feel for student life than to read the student newspaper.

This month's student publication at SAIS -- The SAIS Observer -- captures the complexity of the experience.

There are contributions from SAIS's three campuses: Bologna, DC and Nanjing.

Here are some of the topics: agricultural policy studies, a debating course focusing on U.S. foreign policy, Taiwan-South Korean relations, teaching youth in Bologna and migrants in China, interviews with former Peace Corps volunteers, the Latin Dance Club, a new study area at SAIS Bologna, social entrepreneurship, a debate over democracy in China, the anxiety of career hunting and recipes for students on a stringent budget.

Two items have been covered in this journal: the Austrian ball and the Mr & Ms SAIS Bologna contest.

But try as we might, we can't cover the entire range of student experiences at SAIS spread over three campuses.

Nelson Graves

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