Thursday, April 4, 2013

Student Life: Making the move to DC (Part II)

How can you find an apartment in DC? Are there internships? How about the food?

SAIS Bologna students have started turning their sights to Washington, DC, where most of them will be spending the second year of their master's program.

Bologna Center graduates Patrick Flanagan and Elan Bar, seconded by Assistant Dean Bonnie Wilson, tackled SAIS Bologna students' questions during a recent information session that was part of a broad effort to ease the transition from Europe to the United States.

"It's hyper competitive," Flanagan said, describing the search for housing in Washington. But he and Bar noted that Washington, with its many students, has an ample stock of apartments near SAIS.

They recommended four neighborhoods near SAIS DC, which is just off of Dupont Circle, provided rent estimates and urged students to jump on housing opportunities as quickly as possible.

Wilson and Flanagan noted that there are myriad internship opportunities in DC but warned students not to get too caught up in work outside of their studies to avoid diluting the educational experience.

Wilson said there were some 40 clubs at SAIS DC covering culture, community outreach, sports, careers, publications and trips. There are athletic facilities 2 blocks from the campus.

Nelson Graves

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