Thursday, May 22, 2014

Returning to Bologna and feeling energized

Recently we received a note from Carmela Vetri, who attended the Bologna Center in 1982-83. She had recently returned to Bologna to meet classmates and relive memories of their time together. Her note sums up the feelings of many alumni, old and young.

I have just returned from the 31st reunion of my class in Bologna. One of my dear classmates from that academic year had returned to Bologna to teach for the spring semester, so I just had to go. What a magical time!
Members of the Bologna Center Class of 1983. Carmela Vetri is 5th from the left.
I had gone the year before for our 30th reunion. That was the year of "30s":  the 30th reunion, 32+ participants, 30% of our class. It could not have been more exciting.

We remembered Ivo's bar (now Giulio's bar). We remembered all of the fun times having fabulous dinners at each other's homes. We remembered with amazement that back then there were no computers, let alone mobile phones. When we made a date to gather, we kept to it. This, of course, made us feel old. Yet very energized.

During these alumni weekends, we were different generations with different stories, but we had one important thing in common: being part of an international community in the incredibly charming city of Bologna.

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