Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The SAIS Europe experience through the eyes of our students

We asked this year's students to send us the photographs that best sum up their year at SAIS Europe. Not an easy task, given the complex nature of an experience that mixes academics, culture, history, debate, travel and friendship. Below are their submissions, with the name of the photographer below each picture. Thanks to the Bologna Center Class of 2014.

Anthea Blaikie
Alix Davie
Alexandra Queirolo
Benan Berhan
Camilla Scassellati Sforzolini
Jag Ningthoujam
John Dellinger
Kristo Kentala
Laura Andersen
Logan Finucan
Lauren Hartel
Marco Steecker
Nikki Deutsch
Philipp Hlatky
Sasha Milentey
Samuel Semwangu
Shauna Aron
Virgil Doyle
Vanessa Roy

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