Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are we right for you?

Is SAIS Bologna the right place for you? Do you measure up?

You might be asking yourselves these questions. I certainly did when I applied to SAIS three decades ago. I remember the uncertainty as I waited for Admissions to take a decision. I now know I was right to apply and right to attend. But I was not entirely sure then.

If you've been to the Bologna Center, you will have met students, seen the facilities, perhaps spoken to a professor, attended a class or a lecture. Through this blog we've tried to convey what makes SAIS Bologna special -- its history, integrity and values.

You may still not be sure.

Short of bringing you here in person, I can think of no better way to help you answer your questions than to turn you to our current students. You can read the profiles of 20 students here. Listen to what some of them say.

"Diversity is a richness which changes your perspective on the world. Among 200 students at the Bologna Center, you have 200 different points of view on burning issues: this allows you to chart your own path." - AurĂ©lien Billot (France)

"I realized that I'd run away from economics for so long, but we can't talk about development without having a strong economic foundation. For me it was something I had to do if I was serious about my future ...." - Chidiogo Akunyili (Nigeria)

"I wanted to be in an inspiring environment and I wanted to be challenged. The rigor and structure offered by the U.S. university system was something I needed in order to push myself." - Laurent Bachmann (Austria)

"Before leaving I had nightmares about everyone being in suits and having had careers and answers for everything. Instead students just want to advance themselves, whether they graduated last year or ten years ago." - Kristen Larson (USA)

"I'm the only girl in my community who dreamed of attending a prestigious graduate school .... Now that I am here I feel I've set a standard for girls in my community and hopefully also in other developing countries that where there is a will, there is a way." - Mariam Abuhaideri (India)

"Our professors know our names and backgrounds, and can draw on our experiences in class. This is something that is completely new for me ... They're willing to spend time discussing your questions ...." - Reemt C. Behrens (Germany )

I could not have said it better myself.

Nelson Graves

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