Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Video Peek of SAIS Bologna

Some of you have visited the Bologna Center, either during our Open Day in December or otherwise, but most of you have not. You may have seen some photographs of the Center, including a gallery of pictures provided by some of our current students.

I am definitely out of my comfort zone myself here, but I thought it would be nice to offer a video look at the Center. Our digital camera is easy to use, but I'm new to this, so you will excuse the scruffy nature of the footage. I do hope you enjoy viewing the film and that it gives you a better idea of who we are.

You'll also excuse the fact that I've had to break the film into three segments. Otherwise I would have clogged up cyberspace. If it takes time to load, try stopping the loading, refreshing and relaunching.

We shot the images yesterday. It turned out to be a beautiful winter day in Bologna. But to prove that that is not all that rare, here is a frame from our webcam this evening:

Tomorrow: Languages at SAIS


Góes said...

Dear Nelson,

I'd just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful job. You do know that it is a quite nervous time for prospective students the process of choosing what degrees to apply to and where to study.

The great job you guys do at SAIS Bologna's blog is a daily bliss and really is putting the Centre at the top of my preferences right know. Congrats for the great job!

Góes said...

Dear Mr Graves,

I don't know if you have mentioned this in any previous post, but I'm gonna ask you anyways. What about housing? Where do students usually live in? Are there any kind of dorms or people just rent houses at the city? Please enlighten me.



PS: I'm not from the US, so I don't even know where usual grad students live in America.

Nelson Graves said...

Carlos - That's a good question and not one we have sought to answer in the blog yet. Students generally live in apartments -- there is no SAIS housing. We have a real estate expert, Salvatore, who has been helping students find flats for over 3 decades. He helped me find mine 29 years ago! And when I returned to SAIS Bologna this past year, he remembered (and I did not) the address where I had lived. In any case, students generally share apartments, although some do prefer to live alone. Most are able to find a place near to the SAIS Bologna building. It's easy to get around town on foot, bike or public transport. I think we should address this in a post some day. Thanks for the question. Nelson

NVM said...

Mr. Graves,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude at this effort and your continued efforts to share SAIS Bologna with us, especially those of us whom have not had the opportunity to experience SAIS BC firsthand. They make a significant difference.


Nelson Graves said...

Carlos and Nicollette - Thank you both for your kind words. I'd delighted that you have found the blog useful. Our purpose from the start has been to facilitate the process for prospective students by explaining the procedures and giving a sense of who we are. If we're succeeding in that, then no matter how imperfect the blog may be (it is a bit rough around the edges, I realize), then we are on track. If anyone has recommendations, suggestions or comments, we are all ears. Nelson

Nilshan said...


This is a fantastic effort indeed! And it's nice to see the faces behind the voices (or should I say skype, emails and blogs!) :) But thanks a lot for this effort.

For future - as the majority studying in Bologna are international students, it would also be good to know about visa regulations, procedures, student job opportunities, etc. I studied in the US for a short time and we needed to be aware of a number of do's and dont's, and the visa process could be a bit cumbersome. I'm not sure if it is the same in Europe, and it would be good to have an idea on it.


Amina Abdiuahab said...

Thank you Nilshan! This is exactly the kind of feedback we want and we will definitely follow up on it. We will post on visas, jobs and much more before the application stage comes to the end.

Keep up the feedback!