Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly quiz!

How in the dickens did butz33 get the answer to last week's quiz so quickly?

We thought that anyone scrambling to find out the name of the center that Johns Hopkins opened in Asia in 1954 would need more than a powerful Internet search engine. It's still a mystery to me how butz33 got the answer in a mere 47 minutes.

Once again we're going to have to toughen up the weekly trivia test.

Here we go:

In a video embedded in a post earlier this week, we showed a small park next to the SAIS Bologna Center. What is the name of the park?

Here are two pictures of the park. More often than not, it's deserted in the winter, as it is in these photographs. We'll have to post some pictures of it when the weather turns a bit warmer.

The park from below

The park from above

The winning prize: a free lunch at Giulio's Bar.

We'd like to thank our readers for following this blog and for giving us feedback. We've had record readership this week, and our pageviews since we started in early December have now topped 4,000.

If you have an idea, a suggestion or a criticism, post a comment. We'd like to make this as interactive as possible and know that we have only dipped our toes in the water so far.

Next week:

- Monday, Jan 31: The Deadline
- Tuesday, Feb 1: The Interview
- Wednesday, Feb 2: Careers
- Thursday, Feb 3: Photo gallery
- Friday, Feb 4: Weekly quiz

Nelson Graves


Ilektra said...

Parco S.Leonardo!!
I think this is it. I found it only after I did a google search in italian! although I do not speak the language.

Nelson Graves said...

Ilektra is back! She won our first quiz in December, naming the founder of SAIS Bologna, and now she has done it again. It took a bit of work as a simple search in English was not enough. What does Ilektra win for her 2nd victory? Another free lunch? How about a picnic in San Leonardo Park once the weather turns warm? Bravissima, Ilektra! I was worried this would stump all our readers, but how wrong I can be.

Ilektra said...

Grazie!!I hope I will have a chance to be in Bologna soon. From the photos San Leonardo Park seems a very nice place!!

NVM said...

Good job Ilecktra! Enjoy the picnic :)

NVM said...


Nelson Graves said...

Giardino San Leonardo is adjacent to the Bologna Center, at the corner of via Belmeloro and via San Leonardo. It is a pleasant place to sit and read on a warm day. San Leonardo (Saint Leonard) was the 6th century abbot of Noblat in the Limousin region (Haute-Vienne) in France. He was highly venerated in the late Middle Ages and is the patron saint for prisoners, women in labour and horses. I don't think our students feel like prisoners!

Ilektra said...

NVM thank you :)