Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo contest: The runners-up

Last week Maxwell Cohen, a student this year at SAIS Bologna, won first prize in our recent photography contest.

To see his winning photo, click here.

Here is Max himself on the winning snap: "I took the photo shortly before sunset on the roof of the Duomo in Milan in October, while my parents were visiting. My mom had taken the elevator while my dad and I had taken the stairs, only to discover later that she was blocked from getting to our side of the roof. So I was taking this pic while also trying to find my mom, who we thought had been kidnapped by rogue priests."

Max used a  Panasonic Lumix snap-and-shoot which he had set to auto.

Today we have the pleasure of presenting the three runner-up photos:

by Veronika Bauer-Maxwald
Veronika on her photo: "The picture was taken during our classmate Natalia's birthday 'roast' right before Christmas. Mulled wine, panettone, formaggio, merry Saisers and a proper roast all captured in one shot."

by Jennifer Ottolino
Jennifer on her pic: "The picture was taken from the terrazza of my apartment after the first snow of the season! Thank you to SAIS and Salvatore for the opportunity to live in this 5th floor apartment, with a terrazza overlooking the rooftops of one of the oldest sections of Bologna!"

by Michael Aubrey
Michael on his photograph: "I took this picture of the Guaita fortress from its sister fortress, Cesta, on top of Mount Titano, which overlooks San Marino. We were on a weekend trip to the charming microstate and managed to capture some wonderful photos - truly a spectacular place."

Veronika, Jennifer and Michael win a free lunch with the Admissions team.

Thanks to the students for submitting their photos and for participating in the contest.

Nelson Graves

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